Xstrata Coal Corporate Social Involvement program

What Matters?

The coal produced by Xstrata plays a vital role in people’s lives. It’s used for generating electricity, industrial applications and steel—and ultimately helps sustain or improve people’s standard of living. This contribution matters deeply to Xstrata. What is also important to them is making a positive difference through their Corporate Social Involvement program. This includes creating sustainable value in the communities where Xstrata operates, and in society as a whole. End of Work’s 'What Matters' campaign communicated the impact of Xstrata’s CSI program by focusing on the individuals who were directly affected by it. Each person was photographed in context, alongside handmade typography created from relevant materials, i.e. from the fence palings of a farmer to x-rays of a surgeon. 

Fence palings
The band
Stack of books
Book spreads
The event
Light boxes