Travel Insurance Direct Brand strategy, identity and advertising

Your window to the world

While Travel Insurance Direct (TID) had an excellent product, they’d never really stood out from their competitors. End of Work came on board to inject some personality into the brand, and give it a distinctive voice in a crowded market.

we’ve got your back

After holding a series of strategic workshops a position became clear—we needed to make this brand stand out, not just for insurance, but for travel and assistance before, during and after a customer's trip. End of Work began by abbreviating the brand name and creating a strong logo suite. Used in conjunction with dynamic imagery and an interchangeable colour palette, this logo acted as a 'window to the world'. Along with the visual identity came a down-to-earth, accessible tone of voice that was applied to everything from outdoor to online. TID’s promise was summed up in the punchy tagline “we’ve got your back”.

Once complete, the new identity helped TID enjoy its most successful sales month ever—and saw the start of a new relationship between TID and the consumer.

Logo on phone
Logo on luggage
Set of covers
Poster and cover
Detail of cover
Two spreads_1
Open spread
Two spreads_2