iPrimus brand identity

Internet for us

iPrimus is an Australian internet company. The residential services division of Primus Telecom, offering high-speed broadband, home telephone, mobiles, VoIP, calling card services and fibre optic internet services. iPrimus offers a broad range of innovative products and offerings to suit the communications needs of all types of consumers.

Primus Telecom was the first telecommunications carrier to be granted a license when full deregulation and competition was introduced in Australia in 1997. Prior to this, Primus operated as a service provider to business markets since 1993. Since then, Primus has grown to become one of Australia's leading communications providers offering broadband, phone, mobile and data services for businesses and consumers.

The strategic platform

Working with our colleagues at Growth Mantra, who recently created an exciting new strategy to revitalise the iPrimus business for growth. Their goal to create the most personalised and flexible internet company in Australia.

The brand idea: Internet for us

We set out to create a new revitalised brand identity for iPrimus to help deliver the strategy: and we discovered it’s about us. All of us – customers. Everyone. Those two little letters at the end of iPrimus and their underline are what bind the new brand communications together and tell the world what iPrimus is about. iPrimus wants to be something for the whole family, but doesn’t want to be associated with other telcos pretending to be media companies. We wanted the brand to illustrate a single proposition – innovative and flexible internet plans.

During brand workshops we discovered some interesting ways of delivering flexible internet offers. We co-created ideas such as ‘pause your internet while you're on vacation' to reduce data usage, 'us time' and ‘customised plans’ to suit your family.

Visual & verbal identity

A new identity signalled the brand new offer. A simple and stripped back identity featuring vibrant copywriting housed in vibrant colour blocking. The words we choose for this brand and the way we put them together to communicate say everything about the new iPrimus brand personality.

We created the brand identity system, logo, guidelines, packaging, copywriting and language guides. The iPrimus in-house design team are rolling it out to the world.


iPrimus rebrand
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