Get Commando Fit Digital fitness platform

Transforming lives and enhancing life.

When Steve Willis aka 'The Commando' Celebrity fitness trainer from Channel 10's 'The Biggest loser' Tv series  came to us to create a brand and digital platform for his Fitness enterprise we new there was 'No Excuses'. Commando Steve was on a mission to help people with unhealthy lifestyles, Steve decided to develop an online platform to reach as many people as possible with his Motivational philosophies on healthy eating and effective exercise.

We completed the brand strategy, named the business and created the brand identity. We then designed and developed a digital fitness platform that offers online health and fitness program to thousands of athletes across the world.

 turning celebrity into a digital revenue stream.


The digital platform we developed was a prescription based digital application. The application gave athletes progress on their mission, contained vast health information libraries, delivered daily workouts, hundreds of recipes with over 200 videos we produced. The digital system produced daily timed communications with users. We invented ‘Squads’ a new community sharing platform, expert live chats, event location tracker and full e-commerce shopping. This was developed on a PHP Framework it was a L.A.M.P stack project.

We also are lead marketing, electronic marketing and ongoing social media agency for GetCommandoFit.

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