ESV Group Website

The right size, the right personality.

ESV is a mid tier Chartered Accounting firm. We reinvigorated and modernised their brand for the digital age. We focussed on one clear direction, that they ‘Help business owners’. With a complete new brand identity including look and feel and language tone of voice. 


A digital experience to help generate engagement.


We then rolled out across digital applications including website for mobile, tablet and desktop computers.  The user experience aimed at two target audiences, business owners and prospective talent for recruitment.

Our concept: ESV unfolds your business story by helping clients solve complex problems. Much like origami, it starts with a blank piece of paper, it can be folded into hundreds of different and often complex configurations and combinations. Considered, personal, well measured and precise. Every detail counts to creating the bigger picture. The digital applications centred around a user friendly journey, with clarity of information and clean look and feel.

2 Ipad
2 Iphones
4 Screens