Blue at Lavender Bay - Property Marketing

It took two hours and $200 million worth of apartment sales to sell out stage one - Aqualand’s ‘Blue’ Apartments

Understanding the culture, behaviours and beliefs of the lower North Shore owner-occupiers and investors led us to harness the iconic view and historical character of the site. Generating unprecedented interest, the campaign revealed an insider’s view into the Lavender Bay lifestyle – a vision of lower North Shore living, iconic – like no other.

We Created an emotional connection with the target market to the best address on earth

‘Blue’ is the colour you’ll see in every direction from this address. It’s also the name we created for the amazingly positioned and appointed residential development.

Blue is Billy Blue, George Lavender and Susannah Blue. Blue’s Point, true blue, blue bells, blue lavender and blue ribbon. It’s blue sky thinking and blue sky days. Blue is spring and immortality and long life. Blue is the local artists’ hue. Blue is for Sydney summers. And blue is for sailors and swimmers too. Blue is harbourside living at its very finest.

We created a new level of quality – a lavish 120-page cloth-bound book was produced showcasing Lavender Bay and the very best lifestyle Sydney has to offer. End of Work was responsible for the development website and advertising campaigns, both print and digital, along with content for social media and the sales experience. 

End of Work defined and designed the customer journey and in collaboration with the development architects, PTW Interiors, designed the sales suite which included an interactive digital sales book.




Blue logo
Blue Website
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